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Kayak & SUP Benagil

The company Kayak & SUP Benagil is entirely dedicated to organizing guided tours of the Benagil Caves, by Kayak or SUP, showing part of the most beautiful area of the Algarve, always being in contact with Nature.

This activity is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender.

We begin our tours at Praia de Benagil (Lagoa) with an instruction of the activities (safety summary included), then visiting several caves, natural arches, deserted beaches, interesting rock formations and always with stories to tell. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do we think security is important?

We believe that our qualifications, skills, knowledge and passion are the perfect combination for you to have a fun but safe experience. When you are as passionate as we are about the sea, particularly these types of activities, it is impossible not to share it with others, always ensuring that students learn in the best way. Our instruction takes you to learn all the techniques and understand all the differences, regarding the various equipment and safety.

You can book directly on our website or through our Whatsapp (where you will have access to more information)!

Get ready for one of the best experiences of your life!

Stand Up Paddle


Stand Up Paddle (SUP) or in Hawaiian: Hoe He’e nalu, is a sport that is becoming more popular and sought after all over the world every day.

The popularity of this modern sport of stand up paddling (SUP) has its origins in the Hawaiian Islands. In the early 1960s, the Beach Boys of Waikiki were standing on their long boards, paddling with their paddles to take photos of tourists learning to surf. This is where the term “Beach Boy Surf”, another name for Stand Up Paddle Surfing, was born.

Standing paddling on a “SUP” surfboard is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The migration of some WindSurfing, Surfing, Hawaiian Canoeing and other paddle sports athletes makes “SUP” the perfect combination for the practice.

International athletes such as Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Dave Kalama and Robbie Naish are largely responsible for spreading the sport from the 90s to the present day.

Who are we

Our Team

MÁRCIO RAMOS, 45 Years Old

Kayak & SUP Instructor

Hello, I’m Márcio Ramos and your Kayak and SUP Instructor.

Originally from Albufeira and coming from a fishing background, I have always been connected to the sea. Many friends for fishing, I’ve been always for sport.

From a very early age, I started various water sports, since the 80s. I remember surfing with a Styrofoam board, left by tourists.

As a kid, I skimboarded, making a board out of a piece of plywood.

Later I started Bodyboarding more seriously, where I even participated in championships.

I tried surfing and loved the prospect of surfing a wave standing up.

I’ve always done bodysurfing, even having a board for it.

I practiced several extreme sports, I always played football, footvolley and still today the famous altinha.

I have worked as a Lifeguard for a few years and take First Aid courses regularly.

I have always worked in the Fitness sector, having lived in London for 5 years, specializing in various areas of Fitness and taking lots of courses.

I had a Health Club from 2009 to 2019, having previously worked as a classroom instructor, in several classes and as a PT.

I have already taught several classes, such as: Pilates, Cross Training, Aerobics, Circuits, Mobility, Total Abs, as well as PTs. Today I only teach Indoor Cycle classes at my King’s studio, which I opened in 2022.

In 2015 I tried SUP and I haven’t stopped since.

We have already explored some areas outside the Algarve (Arrábida and Vila Nova de Mil Fontes) and in the Algarve we already know an immense area, as well as: the entire area of Albufeira (over a length of more than 20 km), Carvoeiro, Benagil, Praia da Marinha, Vale Covo and Lagos. I’ve also done SUP in Boracay (Philippines) and Koh Samui (Thailand). I do both SUP and SUPSurf, any state of the sea allows me to do something, which no longer happened with Surfing or Bodyboarding. I specialized in 2018 as a SUP Instructor and decided to open the Ilovesup School, to show people that SUP is for everyone!

Today, under the name Kayak & SUP Benagil, I organize guided tours to the Benagil Caves by Kayak and/or SUP, showing everyone the pearl from the Algarve.

Hello, I’m Filomena Pina and KAYAK and SUP Instructor.

From a very early age I have been linked to the sea and sport. I’ve tried bodyboarding, surfing, kayaking and since then SUP.

Ever since I tried SUP, I knew it was the ideal sport. Easy to learn, suitable for everyone and totally addictive!

I have worked in the Fitness sector for over 15 years, always playing sports.

I do SUP often and I’ve been to spectacular places.

Today I am proudly part of the company Kayak & SUP Benagil.



Kayak & SUP Instructor


FÁBIO PINA, 25 Years Old

Kayak & SUP Instructor

Hello, I’m Fábio Pina and I’m a Kayak and SUP Instructor.

I have always been involved with sport, mainly football. However, I have always lived in front of the sea, always having that connection.

Since I was little, I’ve always loved catching waves bodyboarding style, having recently tried SUP.

I learned it in the first session and became a fan.

I currently work with the company Kayak & SUP Benagil and I love showing people how enjoyable it is to visit the caves, whether by Kayak or SUP.

Hello, I’m King, a beautiful French Bulldog and I’m the mascot of Kayak & SUP Benagil.

I am super docile, friendly and very playful.

Sometimes I go SUP with my owners.

I like to walk the board, back and forth, while my owners paddle. I love catching waves with my owner too!

Screenshot_20190506-232444_Video Player

KING, 8 Years Old

Our Mascot

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